On this site we provide affiliate marketing tools for beginners such as policy pages, disclosures and statements. These help you quickly get started generating sales and leads without getting bogged down in the legal and technical details.

Affiliate Endorsements

As an affiliate you will want to be sure to make it clear to readers what is a product endorsement, a paid advertisement, or a recommendation based on personal experience. The key thing is not to hide anything that is an incentive for you to promote a product.

When you endorse a product, you are recommending it based on your own experience or other data which must be disclosed on the same page in close proximity. So the reader is fully aware if you have personal experience of using it or are basing your opinion on other factors.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you are simply advertising a product such as with a banner Ad, then all you need to do is disclose that it is a paid advertisement. This could be done by labeling the Ad with a note to this effect.

Supplement this with a more detailed description about your use of advertising on your site with a web page such as an Affiliate Disclosure page. Feel free to link to our generic affiliate disclosure page to save yourself time and trouble creating such a page yourself.

Affiliate Disclosure