Affiliate Program List

This affiliate program list includes several large and popular affiliate networks covering a large range of product and service verticals.

How To Make Money As An Affiliate

The main aim is to display Ads for products and services that match the interests of the visitors to your website. These visitors are termed traffic.

The traffic to your website will convert to clicks and sales generating commissions. So you need as much targeted traffic as you can get, plus a good conversion ratio.

Traffic sources can be from search engines, traffic from links on other websites, or paid traffic from display media or text Ads.

Your website should be optimized for click-throughs on the Ads which involves testing Ad creatives and placement of the Ads.

I suggest not placing any Ads until you have reasonable visitor traffic of over 100 uniques per day. Otherwise you are unlikely to make any money. This is because your conversion of traffic to goal (such as a sale) will be small in percentage terms.

For example a CTR (Click Through Ratio) of 2% would mean that 2 people click on the Ad per day. And then they still need to convert to a lead or sale at the merchant web site before you can earn a commission.

Getting traffic from search engines is hard since you have to rank on page one of the search results and there are only 10 positions available.

Leaking traffic from other websites is easy but can get you banned from those sites if you don't add value to the discussions etc.

Paying for traffic needs careful management of expenses to ensure that you make a profit. Many marketers report (on forums) of making big losses until they master the art of paid traffic.

With paid traffic and SEO, you will always be in competition with other affiliates chasing the same keywords. One use of paid traffic is to test and optimize your website for sales conversions since you don't have to wait for your SEO efforts to take effect, and you can realize how much traffic you need to make money.